What We Do

WispWatchers provides comprehensive network management for our clients. From a custom CRM to automatic provisioning of routers and other devices, we make things easier for the ISP. Some of our services include :

● FCC filings

● Automatic backups

● Inventory management

● Advanced routing and networking

● Network redesign and optimization

● Network planning

● Automatic invoicing and billing

● Automatic customer provisioning

● Full-scale network monitoring

● Integrated ticketing and scheduling

Real WISP Experience

We are thoroughly versed with MikroTik, Mimosa, Ubiquiti , Cambium, BaiCells and several other manufacturers with a combined 20 years of experience.

Customer Reviews

WispWatchers has been there for me since from the very beginning. We have built from the ground up with their consultations. They have helped setup and train on Mikrotik, Mimosa, Baicells, and Cambium both onsite and remote.
With their help, I have been able to learn enough that daily support is no longer needed unless I forget how to do something.

BDA Wireless, Culbertson Alabama

We have been working with Hunter and Kevin for a year now and they have played a critical role in helping us get our new business off the ground. More specifically technical network setup and management, new deployment planning and strategy, equipment knowledge and recommendations, managing risk to name a few.
Even though we are a small account they make us a priority.

Falcon Internet, Bartlett Tx

WispWatchers is the number one place to be! We have had other companies help us but none even compare to the personal relationship we have established with these guys.
Our system has done a 360 degree turn with their help. Would recommend to everyone.

Net3 ISP, Odessa, Texas